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Radelec_LogowMotto.pngRad Elec Inc (REI) was incorporated in 1987 to manufacture and commercialize a product researched and developed under a research contract with NYSERDA (New York Energy Research and Development Authority) during 1986 -1987. The product was based on the principles of electret ion chambers. The product was commercially introduced under the brand name E-PERM® System. REI owns six electret ion chamber related patents.

After the U.S. EPA evaluation, the product was released to the public for measurement of indoor and outdoor radon concentrations. The product quickly gained a world wide reputation as an accurate instrument for radon measurement. By 1993, the E-PERM had become one of the most used and successful devices in the US EPA Radon Proficiency Program and has remained so in later years.

REI further continued the research and development in the diversified use of the electret ion chambers with further funding from NYSERDA and US DOE. REI has completed a number of CRADA (Cooperative Research and Development Agreements) programs with Oak Ridge National Laboratory ORNL) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). These researches led to several new applications. REI staff members are co-authors of more than 20 electret ion chamber related papers published in many peer reviewed scientific journals in the past six years. The new applications are aimed at providing accurate and low cost technology for use in the Nuclear Industry and for use in by US DOE for pre and post Decommissioning and Decontamination surveys.

Further research is also being carried out to apply the electret ion chamber technology for biomedical applications.

In addition to the wide use in USA, the technology is being used internationally in more than 20 countries, notably in Canada, Mexico, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Switzerland and South Africa. Currently, one of the largest radon measurement programs is being conducted by the U. S. Postal Service. It involves 150,000 radon measurements in 36,000 post office buildings uses E-PERMs.


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