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Radon Testing is one of the most profitable ancillary services a Home Inspector can provide. Over 1,500 Home Inspectors throughout the country are taking advantage of Rad Elec’s E-PERM® System for Radon Testing for one very important reason — it is the most profitable radon testing method available! ®

Accuracy and Quality  - For over fifteen years, Rad Elec’s E-PERM® System has been recognized in the U.S. and around the world for its highly accurate, very durable, cost-effective radon detection equipment that is simple to use. Rad Elec’s electret ion chamber® technology consistently out performed all other radon testing methods in the USEPA Radon Measurement Proficiency Program. ®

Flexibility: Conduct Short Term, Long Term, or Radon in Water Tests  - The E-PERM® System gives you the ability to conduct short term or long term radon tests. If additional E-PERMs® are needed for commercial or multi-family testing programs, Rad Elec offers a low cost rental program. You can even conduct radon in water tests with the purchase of minimal additional equipment. ®

Low Cost Per Measurement - Rad Elec’s Starter Kit provides everything you need to set up a very profitable radon testing service. The Starter Kit includes 6 E-PERM® detectors along with 3 Tamper Resistant Twin Boxes which allows for three simultaneous co-located tests — plus all of the other equipment you will need to read, analyze, and generate a Radon Test Report. The reusable E-PERM® detectors lower your cost per test to less than $2.00 per measurement, and unlike charcoal canisters, you get the results immediately —® no more waiting for lab reports — no more trips to the post office. The E-PERM® System is simple, straight forward, and easy to use.


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