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USEPA Office of Inspector General corrects misleading statement about Electrets.

The “new” OIG report has been corrected to reflect a factual error OIG made on page four in the section labeled “Recent Studies Identified Problems with Accuracy of Radon Testing Devices”.  The “old” report made the following statement:  “… found significant problems in both electret ion chambers and diffusion barrier charcoal canisters …”.  Since the cited studies found no “significant problems” with electret ion chambers, the “new” report has been changed and corrected.   The “new” OIG Evaluation Report now reads:  “…found significant problems in diffusion barrier charcoal canisters …”.  

To read the corrected report in its entirety, please click on the following link:

"EPA Does Not Provide Oversight of Radon Testing Accuracy and Reliability" 

We are also providing links to two papers written by Dr. Bill Field that were cited in the report and provide additional clarification.

"Field Comparison of Commercially Available Short-Term Radon Detectors"

"Blind Testing of Commercially Available Short-Term Radon Detectors"

To go to the official site of the US EPA's Office of Inspector General click on the following link:

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